About Us

The Signmaster app is a platform for outdoor advertising agencies across India, especially Flex signage, digital signage, and branding work, where they can assign the task of another city or state and can receive the task of their city or state in the same way. Everyone has an advantage from the huge network of Signmaster, which is more work, fast work, no hassle.

Our Goal

In the field of outdoor advertising, the tasks are huge and they are of city level, state level, and national level as well. The expenditure is very high to work in another city/state, where we need to expend more money on transportation, labor as compared to our region. The difficulty of different regional language is one more problem. Our goal is to bring all advertising Agency at one platform where they can assign and receive the task from other agency on cheaper rates in a city/state where our reach is too difficult and expensive. This enables us to get work without wasting time in marketing. Our goal: Give task and earn / Get task and earn

Why Signmaster

The outdoor advertising industry is beneficial but having difficult tasks to perform. There are some products in this industry that can be transported all over India, but not all like Flex Board, Glow sign Board, In-shop Branding, ACP Board, Acrylic Board, etc. For difficult to transport items, the agency needs to take size from the site and install them according to size at the site as well. That is why the agency cannot provide reasonable prices and services at the right time. Chances of a mistake are always there in this type of assignments and do a correction is a very difficult and expensive task too.

Similarly, if you want to receive the work of your city from outside, it would require a transparent, resourceful and reliable platform. Our national-level platform is very useful for the agencies facing above mentioned problems in their business.

Why Only Us?

Team Signmaster is working in the field of Outdoor Advertising for the last 19 years. We can understand the problems of this business that every agency has to face. We have a team of experts who are dedicated for quality checks, work deadlines, timely payments and coordination between client and bidder.

Registration Process

  1. Download the Signmaster app by click on the button:
  2. After downloading you can register in one of the categories given
    • Client: You can give the task only. You don’t need to specify area of working
    • Bidder: You can receive the task only. You need to specify area of working
    • Both: You can give the task and receive the task also. You need to specify area of working
  3. Provide details of your business. Payment method will be online only.

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