Know the Payment Process

When you send us a task on the Signmaster app as a client, you will have to specify the specification, distance, area, quantity and deadline of the work, after that we will share you the best offers within 24 hours, and at the same time we will share you the level of payments at each level of completion of work. After getting confirmation from you, we will assign your work to the team has offered the best rates with the best quality standards to us. Every level of completion, you will be asked to make payments online. After completing full assignment we will share all the photographs and installation reports with you. If the task is lesser then 25000 rupees, then payment would be accepted in advance only. If the task is worth more than 25000 rupees, then you need to pay as per schedule defined.
Similar process and norms would be followed for bidder also But after your work compilation certificate & satisfaction latter from the client. Signmaster would charge only 2% of the assignment.